Yohji Yamamoto announces the launch
of his iconic fragrance collection – Summer 2013

“I want to achieve anti-fashion through fashion. That’s why I am always heading in my own direction... Because if you are not waking up what is asleep, you might as well stay on the beaten path.”
— Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto is known for a distinct avant-garde minimalism and subtle sense of humour that comes across in his fashion pieces. He has a gift for pairing unlikely styles, revealing something never before considered.

The same holds true in his approach to the perfume collection. His unique blend of masculine and feminine, light and dark notes tease our senses and take us away to exciting places on a whim.

The collection of six unique fragrances includes a new fresh and audacious scent for women YOHJI SENSES and the award-winning YOHJI HOMME.